TVF Pop Pro Duo





Designed and tested with the goal of being:

  • Universal for all Kayak brands and models
  • Simpler for ease of use
  • Stronger with an improved shape by design
  • A larger design to suit the most modern higher volume kayaks
  • UK made and supplied
  • Competitively priced

Key features and what’s supplied:

  • Comes as a duo with the lower section for leg support and lift giving you far more connectivity and control with your kayak, the upper section gives you increased volume therefore gaining far bigger Pop for loops etc.
  • Non return valve inflation system with easy deflate button, easier for those cold days and increased air retention on inflation.
  • Less obstructive inflation tubes positioned for ease of inflation while sitting in your kayak.
  • Upper section has a webbed rope for easy connection of the upper and lower sections.

Warning: The pop pro duo is designed to enhance your comfort, control and performance, unfortunately this also reduces your space in the kayak for exit. Please practice exiting your kayak both on the bank and in a controlled environment to make sure you can exit with no difficulty. The pop pro duo is fully adjustable by inflating and deflating the lower and upper airbags, please adjust accordingly to aid your exit.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
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