SAS Hurley Classic

It all started in 1989 and that makes the event one of the oldest in Freestyle. It has developed from a meeting between mates at the Hurley Village car park into one of the most significant canoeing events in the world.

The spirit of events at Hurley has always been about serious competition running alongside activity that encourages people of all ages into paddle sport. If you’re just starting out, had a break and are returning or are on a National Team, this is your event. We have loads going on where you can have fun, learn new stuff, compete and socialise.

The SAS Hurley Classic Weekend

The event can only be entered by completing our online registration and payment. We do not accept entrants on the day unless there are exceptional circumstances. This is because we have a very busy schedule for the event and there is no time for this. For some parts of the event we also have limited entry so please make sure you get registered ASAP. Registration closes Monday 17th November @ 0900.

The event attracts the best paddlers from all around the world but also is a superb place for people who wish to start out and get involved with the support of a community. At Hurley you’ll always find a friendly welcoming environment where encouragement will come from everywhere.

Marketing resource
The community has the ability to help us build our event. Tell your friends and encourage your club members to come and have a great weekend with us. There is a SAS Hurley Classic poster that can be downloaded.

Bib deposit
You need to bring £10 cash with you to place against your bib. Please bring exact money.

What happens if we cancel?
All money will be refunded if we have to cancel. You can always keep up with the potential of this by following tvfreestylers on Facebook where levels are advised. We always make a final decision on the Thursday before the competition and advise through our Facebook and
[email protected]

You can enter the event via the webpage If you are under 18 you will need to get your parent or guardian to complete a form. Once you have entered your details you will need to complete a bank transfer to make payment. Bookings are not confirmed until full payment is received.

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