TVF Awards 2012

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TVF Awards 2012

The 2012 TVF paddler awards were the very first in this series. It was a very emotional event as it was in memory of one of the best Kayaking ambassadors who sadly passed away. There were 4 awards which were given out to the nominated paddlers of the year in the Female, Male, Junior and Community paddler categories. The Community Paddler was in Memory of Graeme Laycock.

The 2012 Awards have been sponsored by Whitewater the Canoe Centre thanks to Pete Scutt!!

The Winner of the Junior TVF Paddler Award was the well deserved Luke Wilson.

The Winner of the Female TVF Paddler Award was the well deserved Louise Wigmore.

The Winner of the Male TVF Paddler Award was the well deserved Matty Attree.

The Winner of the Community TVF Paddler Award in memory of Graeme Laycock was the well deserved Graeme Laycock, this award was presented to Graeme’s Sons and Wife.

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